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Artist creates eco-friendly, silent fireworks

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Truly a reason for celebration, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has designed silent and eco-friendly fireworks that don’t harm nature or the environment. 

No longer will festivities have to be marked by a bang that hurts the ears of onlookers as well as wildlife nearby. 

Instead, Daan’s innovative fireworks float through the night air with a silent and entrancing display of lights inspired by fireflies. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, the designer attempted to replicate the appearance of these light-emitting insects, as well as the movement of flocks of birds and the visuals of the galaxy of stars.

Onlookers in the city of Bilbao-Biscay, Spain, will be the first to witness this display at The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change on 1-3 June.

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“SPARK Bilbao is a place of wonder which triggers reflection and shows a new sustainable alternative of celebrating together,” Daan said.

Daan’s invention is made of thousands of biodegradable sparks which float through the air, carried by varying air currents. 

Compared to traditional fireworks they avoid disrupting surrounding nature and wildlife and are less harmful to the environment. 

Aside from the noise they produce, standard fireworks emit clouds of smoke which pollute the surrounding air, and are usually made from toxic compounds such as oxidisers known as perchlorates, which pollute water.

In light of this, Daan believes mainstream firework displays should become an event of the past.

“For many people, the current situation feels restrictive, and traditional fireworks are getting prohibited everywhere,” he said.

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