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5 steps to switch to an eco-friendly workday

Words by Smiley Team

Your career can take up a significant amount of time, with thousands of days spent at work by the average person in the UK. So for all those eco-conscious professionals, an environmentally-friendly work routine should be a priority.

To minimise your climate impact, here are five steps you can take to keep your keep carbon emissions low throughout your daily work routine.

Awaken to nature

Start your day on a high. From the moment you wake up, keep your impact low by opting for a bamboo toothbrush and other plastic-free toiletries. This reduction of plastic waste matters as it will help preserve nature, wildlife and ecosystems.

Brilliant breakfasts

Fancy a coffee? Pick organically-grown beans and plant-based milk such as oat milk, with a lower environmental impact. You might also consider eating vegan food and avoiding intensively produced animal products - one of the top ways we can lower our carbon footprints as individuals.

Switch on the eco-tech

It’s time to hit the keyboard! The type of device you use matters for the environment. Instead of buying new laptops, tablets or computers, try sourcing something second-hand. When browsing the internet, use less energy-intensive search engines such as Ecosia, and remember to save energy by switching off when you take a break or finish off.

A climate-friendly lunch

Say goodbye to sandwiches in packets and drinks in disposable plastic bottles. To make sure your lunch isn’t worsening the world’s plastic waste problem prepare your own packed lunches. If you travel to work, use a lunchbox or if working from home, there’s no excuse not to eat from a plate.

Sustainable stationery 

Sometimes it’s nice to work with good, old-fashioned pens and paper. Keep it ecological, by buying recycled notepads, refillable pens and upcycled stationery. You’ll only thank yourself for doing just that little bit to protect those marvellous trees that do so much for life on Earth.


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