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5 eco staycations to enjoy this summer

Words by Smiley Team

As the summer approaches it’s easy to start dreaming of beach holidays abroad. But the weather is pleasant enough closer to home and flying will significantly hike up your emissions. So rather than jetting off to somewhere far away, why not opt for an eco-retreat near you? 

From idyllic canal boats to luxurious treehouses, sustainable staycations in the UK offer alternative holidays to avoid eco-anxiety and embark on memorable adventures. Here is a selection of some of the options available for climate-conscious travellers.

West Lexham retreats

Spread across an idyllic spot in Norfolk, West Lexham’s eco retreats are run 90% by renewable power. The treehouses, tents and cabins that dot the landscape use solar panels for electricity and heating and hot water powered by a wood chip biomass boiler.

Forest Holidays

Escape the bustle of life while supporting nature. When you book accommodation with Forest Holidays you help organisations protecting the UK’s woodlands: Forestry England, Forestry and Land Scotland and Natural Resources Wales.

Den by the Stream

Surrounded by a wildflower meadow, this off-grid cabin ensures your holidaying will be as low impact as possible. It includes a rainwater shower heated by compost, solar panels, a compost loo, organic toiletries and natural, organic cleaning products.

Swallowtail Hill glamping

Destress in the Sussex countryside by staying in one of Swallowtail Hill’s eco retreats run by a conservationist couple. They offer off-grid cabins, cottages and roundhouses from which the proceeds support local nature and wildlife.

The Four Sisters Boatel

Off-grid accommodation at the heart of Edinburgh is possible thanks to The Four Sisters Boatel. Guests on this green canal boat are provided with exclusively eco-friendly toiletries.


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