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Charity Apprentices Save A Life With Their New Skills

Words by Smiley Team

Two quick thinking and incredibly brave youngsters put their recent first aid training to the test this week when they witnessed a man collapse while they were out walking. 

Ben Millar-Miles and George Backler, both 19, quickly realised the man, who was aged between 40 and 50 years old, was not breathing and worked together to call emergency services and administer lifesaving CPR. Ben ran to Eastbourne Train Station where there is a defibrillator.

The boys are apprentices at local charity, Embrace East Sussex, and had completed their first aid training just weeks before. They were able to remember exactly what steps to take and remained calm throughout. Following several minutes of chest compressions, the gentleman started breathing again and began to came round, although was very confused. Ben and George stayed with the patient, keeping him warm until the ambulance arrived and he was taken to hospital.

Embrace East Sussex is a local award-winning charity offering respite clubs, home school packs, advocacy, law advice and parent support for children with special needs and disabilities. Although Ben and George joined the team just a short time ago, they are already proving themselves to be invaluable members of the team. 

Rebecca Whippy and Emma Millar, Co-CEOs of Embrace said, “We could not be more proud of our quick thinking young apprentices. Only a month ago we had our first aid training and it clearly resonated with them. Well done boys!”

There were further messages of congratulations and support from many of Embrace’s followers on Facebook, including from the proud friends and family of both boys. George said “It all happened in a blur, but I can’t forget the look on the man’s face when he woke up.” Ben said “We just did what anyone else would do.”

Ben and George do not know the identity of the gentleman they helped, but they, alongside the whole team at Embrace, hope he is well and send best wishes for his speedy recovery.

Embrace are remaining open during lockdown and have adapted their services to fit new Covid guidelines, for more information on this and their services please refer to the website blog page

Embrace are a 100% donations run charity, providing a day respite club, home-schooling packs and soon tutors, amazing parent support volunteers and a law clinic and advocacy service. There are many ways to support Embrace, by taking part in a virtual event, sponsoring a child's respite club sessions or makinga simple donation. 

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