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Endangered gray wolves spotted in California

Words by Tess Becker

Grey wolves, the well-known pack hunters, have been spotted hundreds of miles south of where they were expected in California. A new pack has shown up in California’s Sierra Nevada, making researchers extremely excited, since the endangered animal was hunted to extinction in California in the 1920s. 

Only in the past decade or so have a few gray wolves wandered back into the state from out-of-state packs.

Reports of a wolf led researchers to search in the Sequoia National Forest where they found tracks, droppings, and fur. The research concluded that a new pack of at least five wolves in the area wasn’t known to be in California. The pack is most likely an adult female and her four offspring.

“This recently detected group of wolves is at least 200 straight-line miles from the nearest known California pack and demonstrates the species’ amazing ability to disperse long distances and take advantage of the state’s plentiful suitable habitat,” Pamela Flick, California program director for Defenders of Wildlife, said in a statement.

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