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Is there a solution to homelessness?

Words by Smiley Team

“The biggest misconception about homelessness is that most people think people are homeless because they don’t have someone to live,” says Lord John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue.

“But when I meet a homeless person, I meet them with a cocktail of problems – and the presenting problem is the fact they don’t have somewhere to live.”

Lord Bird was speaking during our Smiley Talk – Is There A Solution to Homelessness? – on 22 June, alongside a panel of speakers including Thuta Khin, co-founder of Leiho; Juha Kahila, Head of International Affairs at The Y Foundation, Finland; and Liz McCulloch, Research and Public Affairs at St Mungo's.

The Smiley Talk had 10,000 live viewers – and has already reached nearly 40,000. Here’s a snippet at what was discussed.