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Every Saturday, Hackney teens run a community food shop

Words by Amy Packham

Young people, from charity RISE.365, were joined by a group of London actors to pack food parcels and run the community shop.

The event was organised by The Felix Project, London’s largest food redistribution charity, which saves surplus food from going to waste and distributes to organisations and schools across the capital.

Pippa Bennett-Warner was one of the actors who helped out, and has been supporting The Felix Project since lockdown.

“Like many I had a lot of time to think in 2020 and my overwhelming feeling was that I wanted to be able to give back," she says. "Everyone at The Felix Project is so welcoming, friendly and have taught me a lot about why they are doing what they do. I love it and today has been incredible – to see the difference the food is making.”

The actors were amazed by how many people needed this service and impressed by how much of a positive impact Rise.365 is having on the young people and the community.

Every Saturday, the young people set up and run a community shop, which enables the community to purchase a wide range of fresh food and produce. The partnership initially made meals from surplus and then became a shop, they have now provided 100,000 bags of shopping. 

Eri Shuka, who helped alongside her husband Orli said: “These kids, it’s a Saturday, they are supposed to be out there doing whatever, instead they are here, they are helping people, building their community and showing love and compassion.

"It is so inspiring, for myself and my children, these are young adults who are supporting their community and most of all they are having fun, the atmosphere today, it is just fun, you really felt it.”

The food service was added during the pandemic and works in partnership with 'Made Up Kitchen', volunteers and RISE.365 Young Community Leaders.

Rise 365 was set up by Joyclen Baffong and aims to empower young people and young adults to reach their goals. It's one of the many organisations across London that The Felix Project provides surplus food to.

If you can help, donate to support Rise.365, £40 helps them deliver enough food for 180 meals. To find out more about Rise.365, head to their website.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Zero Hunger.

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