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Exploring Mental Health In football with Alex Iwobi & Beder

Words by Harrison Read

An honest chat with Beder Founder Razzak Mirjan and Everton midfielder Alex Iwobi about all things mental health

Everton and Super-Eagles footballer Alex Iwobi sits down with the Charity Beder and it's founder Razzak Mirjan to discuss how the Premier League star looks after his mental health in football.

The Beder World Cup Experience is a first of its kind exhibition and experience, harnessing the power of the World Cup, to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention in support of Beder and Beder FC.

Beder is a charity taking a unique approach to softly raising awareness around these important societal issues bringing people together who share similar interests through a range of events and initiatives in order to reduce the number of people suffering in silence and feeling that taking their own life is the only option.

Beder was founded in November 2019 by Razzak Mirjan and his family following the loss of Beder Mirjan who sadly died at the age of 18 in April 2017.

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