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Famous YouTuber funds month of surgery at children's hospital

Words by Tess Becker

MrBeast, the YouTuber known for his massive charitable donations and giveaways is at it again, helping a hospital in the Philippines. 

The hospital, called Tebow CURE Hospital, was founded by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and serves children suffering from treatable disabilities with life-changing reconstructive plastic and orthopedic surgeries.

Now, thanks to MrBeast, an entire month of surgeries is paid for. In total, 160 children in the Philippines will undergo surgical procedures thanks to the donation. 

According to the hospital’s site, they have over 14,000 outpatient visits and over 1500 surgeries are year, helping kids with everything from conditions like clubfoot, cleft lip and palate as well as disabilities following chronic burn contractures.

Charity check-in

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This article aligns with the UN SDG Good Health and Wellbeing.

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