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Great news: a new cancer treatment is on trial

Words by Abi Scaife

A new therapy for treating breast cancer has been approved for trials - and it’s giving us Star Trek vibes.

Keep going...

The new ‘proton beam’ therapy has been trialled on three individuals so far and looks like it will be successful. This trial by the NHS is the first of its kind globally, and will hopefully change the way we think about cancer treatments forever.

Patients are being treated either at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, or at the University College London hospital.

What does proton beam therapy look like?

Proton beam therapy will hopefully replace radiotherapy for many patients - for one thing, the high-tech treatment is far more precise and therefore helpful for tumours in hard-to-reach places.

But also because radiotherapy can sometimes cause long-term heart problems for patients, particularly those who have experienced heart issues already.

How long until this is commonplace?

Only three people have completed the trial so far, so we’re a long way off yet - but things look promising.

Before the end of the trial, 192 patients from all across the UK will go through proton beam therapy, hopefully giving us a more effective way to treat cancer.

Live long and prosper.

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