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The 10 countries prepared for a green future

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Iceland is the country most prepared for a green future – that’s according to the Green Future Index 2022, by Technology Review.

It’s the second year the index has been released, which compares 76 nations and territories on their ability to develop a sustainable, low-carbon future. 

“It measures the degree to which their economies are pivoting toward clean energy, industry, agriculture, and society through investment in renewables, innovation, and green policy,” says Technology Review. 

The overall rankings – a score out of 10 –  shows the performance of the economies relative to each other and aggregates scores generated across the following five pillars: Carbon emissions, Energy transition, Green society, Clean innovation, and Climate policy.

So who came out on top?

1. Iceland – 6.9
2. Denmark – 6.6
3. Netherlands – 6.4
4. United Kingdom – 6.3
5. Norway – 6.2
6. Finland – 6.2
7. France – 6.1
8. Germany – 6.1
9. Sweden – 6.1
10. South Korea – 6

Iceland is one of two European nations which generated more electricity from renewable sources than it consumes, the review found. 80% of renewable energy went to heating and cooling requirements (compared to the EU’s 23% average).

The Netherlands is recognised as a “green transportation leader”, according to the Index, particularly in public transport: passenger trains have used clean power since 2017; Dutch buses must run on renewables from 2025 and be emission-free by 2030.

So what about the UK? Well, the UK is a world leader in renewables generation, although weather changes lessened the supply of wind in 2021, contributing to a 17% drop in renewables generation in the third quarter—hitting a four-year low.

Inspired to act?

There are charities all over the world driving forward their missions of achieving a green future.

VOLUNTEER: Find out how you can volunteer with Greenpeace UK for a future better for our planet. 

DONATE: Donate to Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world and everyone in it.

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