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UN announces: 'Happiness For All, Ukraine'

Words by Smiley Team

"Happiness For All, Ukraine" has been announced has the official United Nations' International Day of Happiness campaign theme. 

The announcement comes in solidarity with the people, country and government of Ukraine, against Russian President Putin’s invasion, act of war, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and overall attack on Ukraine and its people. 

United Nations International Day of Happiness founder, Jayme Illien, said: "Happiness for all, Ukraine is a call to all people, all nations, and all humanity, to stand with Ukraine against Russian President Putin’s invasion and act of war against the people of Ukraine, the United Nations, and the 7.8 billion strong global human family.

"Putin’s attack on Ukraine, and all of us, has led to the greatest refugee crisis in Europe since world war 2, threats of nuclear war, and has placed humanity on the edge of a cliff staring down into the abyss of an expanded 3rd world war, self destruction, and extinction - all now the greatest present threat to the global happiness and wellbeing of all life on earth."

[Read more stories around those people supporting Ukrainian refugees here]

To celebrate the day, is calling on all people, all nations, and all humanity, to celebrate the bravery and resilience of the people of Ukraine with the annual 10 steps to global happiness.

These are 10 easy steps any individual, organisation, or country, can take to celebrate the International Day Of Happiness and World Happiness Week, while also standing with Ukraine and advancing the global happiness of all life on earth by 2050.

2022 'Happiness For All, Ukraine': 10 steps to global happiness:

1. Tell Everyone: Tell everyone about the international day of happiness and Russian President Putin’s war against democracy, freedom, Ukraine, the United Nations, all of humanity, all of civilization, and all of us.

2. Do What Makes You Happy: Do what makes you happy on this day and every day, and especially if you are a refugee from Ukraine or any country, or still in Ukraine fighting on the front lines for democracy, freedom, and happiness for all. As anyone in war knows, humor, laughter, and meditation are some of the best ways to break the anxiety of conflict.

3. Give and Spread Happiness to Others: Give and spread happiness to others, especially refugees displaced and/or fleeing any country including Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Myanmar, Venezuela, DR Congo, and more.

4: Attend a World Happiness Week Event such as the 10th World Happiness Report launch, and World Happiness Week by the World Happiness foundation.

5. Celebrate Your Own Happiness Day Event & Let The World Know!

6. Share What Makes You Happy On Social Media, as well as information about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and others worldwide so people around the world, and especially in Russia know the truth.

7. Promote The United Nations “Happiness Resolutions” UN 65 309, and UN 66 281

8. Advance The United Nations Global Goals For Sustainable Development

9. Connect with Mother Earth, Enjoy Nature, And The Environment

10. Spread And Adopt Happytalism As A New Economic, Political, and Human Development System.

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