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Hats that give back

Words by Abi Scaife

We’re back with our weekly list of businesses that are doing good and this week it’s all about fashion! We know that it’s super tempting to deck out your wardrobe all over again this summer - so here’s some businesses you can invest in to help you do so ethically and sustainably.


The brand, Unfolded, featured in a previous Smiley News article about future-proofing fashion - but it’s just so good we have to feature them again! 

You’ve heard of fast fashion, but Unfolded is slow fashion - each piece is made to order. So, though it takes a while for it to arrive, not a scrap of clothing is wasted or sent to landfill. Plus, their prices are up to 35% lower thanks to the savings made by removing this waste, and the rest of the money saved goes to teaching children to read and write in India.


Girlfriend Collective is another great fashion brand. It makes high-quality, ethical clothing in a huge range of sizes. The clothing is made from recycled materials like post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets retrieved from the seas, fabric scraps and other waste. Once you’ve worn your Girlfriend clothing for so long it’s no longer wearable, you can even send it back and they will turn it into new clothing!

Plus, all their manufacturers have ethical certifications. So you can be sure the people who made your clothes are treated well and paid fairly.


Parks Project is all about giving back to National Parks in the US. They believe that the preservation of national parks can be ensured by investing in advocacy and education, habitat and wildlife restoration, visitor programs, and youth initiatives.

With partnerships and collaborations with various brands, they have a range of fashion pieces that are all helping to protect National Parks, and preserve them for future generations.

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