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Healing Mental Health with Nature: SM Meets Chris Packham & Winchester Youth Counselling

Words by Abi Scaife

Join renowned naturalist and Winchester Youth Counselling patron, Chris Packham, on an inspiring journey through the beautiful landscapes of Winchester. 

Discover the therapeutic benefits of nature walks for your mental health as we explore the healing power of the outdoors. In this video, we'll delve into the profound impact that spending time in nature can have on your well-being, all while enjoying the stunning natural scenery of Winchester. 

From reducing stress and anxiety to promoting a sense of calm and clarity, nature walks offer a wealth of mental health benefits. Chris Packham, a passionate advocate for wildlife and mental health, brings his expertise to this experience, sharing insights and tips on how connecting with the natural world can positively influence your mental state. 

Winchester Youth Counselling, a dedicated organisation supporting young people's mental health, plays a crucial role in this initiative, emphasising the importance of accessible mental health resources and the outdoors. 

Discover how you can incorporate the healing power of nature into your daily life and enhance your mental well-being. Winchester Youth Counselling's Nature Therapy group meets after school at 4pm every Thursday at Pinsent Scout Campsite in Winchester. 

The group is lead by an experienced counsellor and supported by other counsellors and/or trainee counsellors, and trained members of staff. The group participate in a variety of activities including campfire cooking, bush craft, mindfulness, creative writing, arts & crafts, and stream dipping. 

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