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Henry Moores' epic journey walking from Manchester to Ibiza

Words by Harrison Read

Henry Moores' epic journey from Manchester to Ibiza is well under way! 

We joined him as he wrapped up his UK leg into Portsmouth, alongside Speedo Man Walks. Feel the passion and determination driving Henry's strides while he raises money for the Tony Hudgell Foundation. 

Henry is in good spirits as he ends the second week of his walk with lots of laughs along the way, even stopping for a quick call with Sally Orange MBE, an endurance runner, adventure athlete & long time supporter of Tony.

At just 7 years old Tony is a double amputee who captures hearts with his bravery, optimism, and infectious smile.

Having endured life-changing injuries at only six weeks old, Tony continues to battle with several health conditions which require ongoing treatment. 

Tony's set up his own Foundations to support children who are in the same situation Tony found himself in at such a tender age.

Add positivity, spread kindness and change lives by donating to the Tony Hudgell Foundation.

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