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Free after-school clubs helps kids excel

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Heritage Charity London recently raised over £5,000 to help run after-school clubs for disadvantaged children.

The charity aims to help children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through extracurricular activities. These activities take place during school holidays – and around the school day – and cover things like sports, creative arts, and life skills.

As well as providing these activities for children in the UK, Heritage Charity London also sponsors children in India. They provide vital and necessary support in the form of extra teachers and school supplies to help improve their school experience. They sponsor children in India who aren’t enrolled in school, so they can start their educational journey. 

Partnering with generous businesses

The most recent fundraiser included partnerships with businesses based in Tower Hamlets, who helped provide £5,000 worth of in-kind donations. 

Thanks to these generous donations, the charity has been able to set up highly successful after-school Homework Clubs. Based at multiple primary schools in the Tower Hamlet locale, the clubs been extremely beneficial for the children who attend. 

By investing this extra time in children from disadvantaged backgrounds at no extra cost, the charity is putting them on equal footing with their peers, giving them a higher chance of academic success.

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At the most recent fundraising event, guests were entertained by Team Salut’s DJ booth, as well as a myriad of other performers who came out to support the cause.

“It is heartwarming to see how much businesses care about the cause and support their local charity," said one member of the public who attended the event.

Thanks to the donations, both financial and in-kind, Heritage Charity London are planning to set up more after school clubs at other primary schools in the Tower Hamlet community.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: You can donate money to Heritage Charity London on their website.

SUPPORT: You can also choose to donate to Heritage Charity London by shopping through Amazon Smile.

VOLUNTEER: Another way you can support Heritage Charity London is by volunteering.

GET IN TOUCH: If you know a school which would benefit from the support of Heritage Charity London, you can recommend them via the form on their website.


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