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How to get food for cheap - and help the planet

Words by Abi Scaife

Looking to make your cash go a little further this week? We've put together a few businesses that have initiatives that you'll feel good investing in.

From food that goes the extra mile to bringing clean water to those in need, we've got the good stuff this week!


Aldi has announced it will be offering surplus food bags across all of their UK stores. This is in collaboration with Too Good to Go, a popular app that allows people to reserve surprise bags of food that would otherwise go to waste from shops, restaurants and cafes.

The supermarket expects to save 4,000 tonnes of food every year by implementing this change, which is an amazing way to prevent food waste, and help families who may struggle to afford food during the cost of living crisis.


Paula’s Choice, a skincare brand, has joined up with TerraCycle, an amazing recycling platform to enable their customers to recycle their empty Paula’s Choice Skincare packaging.

To take advantage of the Paula’s Choice Skincare Free Recycling Programme, customers just need to go onto the Paula’s Choice website and print off a shipping label. Then, they can prep their empty containers for travel and send them off to be recycled into brand-new containers for new skincare.


Sierra Madre sells sturdy adventure gear - but, as well as that, they are determined to wipe out the disease and suffering caused by unclean drinking water.

Sierra Madre’s (one) campaign ensures that for every product sold, they can provide someone in the world with clean drinking water for a whole year. As of 2019, Sierra Madre had already brought clean water to more than 20,000 people - so if you’re thinking about investing in some outdoor gear, consider making your cash go a little further.

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