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The plan to end hunger in the US

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The United States is the richest country in the world, with over $18 trillion spread throughout the country and its government, and yet more than 34 million people go hungry every year, according to the non-profit Feeding America

The Biden administration has released a new plan to address that. 

The plan, which aims to end hunger and food insecurity in the country in eight years, includes $8 billion in commitments as part of a call to action, coming to a head at a hunger conference, the first of its kind in over 50 years. 

“Too many families don't know where they are going to get their next meal,” said Biden. “There are too many empty chairs around the kitchen table because a loved one was taken by heart disease, diabetes or other diet oriented diseases which are some of the leading causes of death in our country.”

People in the US want to utilize some of the vast wealth in the country to help feed its citizens. 

The plan is made up of five pillars: Improve Food Access and Affordability, Integrate Nutrition and Health, Empower Consumers to Make and Have Access to Healthy Choices, Support Physical Activity for All, and Enhance Nutrition and Food Security Research.

Each pillar will be carried out by different segments of society including businesses, schools, and government programs.

Inspired to Act?

DONATE: If you want to help end food insecurity in the US you can donate to Feeding America.

SUPPORT: Support local shelters and food banks with food and clothing donations to help those in need.

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