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The race to get inclusive playgrounds for all

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Disability charity Scope is fighting for inclusivity for disabled children – and it’s all starting on the playground.

Science has long since proven that play is important for children but, as with many things, not all have equal access to play equipment. And one of the reasons for this is that many playgrounds aren’t considered safe or accessible for children with disabilities.

According to the Scope, half of all families with disabled children face accessibility problems with their local playground, while one in 10 parents of disabled children said their child got hurt using inaccessible equipment.

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Now, the charity has written an open letter to the UK government, asking for change in the form of more inclusive playgrounds.

While there are some playgrounds in the UK that are specifically designed for children with disabilities, such as the Thames Valley Adventure Playground, these are few and far between, and often require advanced booking.

“Play is so important to a child’s development; it feeds imagination and forms friendships,” reads the open letter, signed by a number of executives from other UK-based disability charities such as the National Autistic Society, Disabled Children Partnerships, and the Council for Disabled Children. “Playgrounds are spaces that allow children to be themselves and form many early memories.”

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The open letter, which can be read and signed on Scope's website, asks the government to set aside a multi-million pound ‘Inclusive Playground Fund’, not only to make changes to existing playgrounds but to create new ones, too.

With charities like Scope fighting for better treatment for people with disabilities, the world is sure to become a better, and more inclusive place.

Inspired to act?

SUPPORT: Sign Scope’s open letter to the UK Government, and show your support for the Inclusive Playground Fund.

DONATE: Donate to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground, to help keep accessible playgrounds open and thriving.

GET INVOLVED: Give to Scope, and help support disabled rights in the UK.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteer your time with Scope, and help support children, adults and families with disabilities in the UK.

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