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Biodiverse coastline gains protected status

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Offering incredible views of the ocean, Marine Drive winds its way along part of the southern coast of the Isle of Man. Rugged slopes lead down to the sea’s edge, above which you can see local bird species swooping to catch their prey.

In good news for the local wildlife, the government has given the coastline protected status as an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI). 

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The three mile strip of cliffs and grassland is home to bird species such as peregrine falcons, fulmars and ravens. 

Heather Davison of the RSPB said: “Marine Drive is a brilliant place to experience wildlife, from peregrines to porpoises – though the peregrines are the star attraction of course.  

“It’s addictive viewing and we weren’t surprised that so many people made repeat visits last year, especially as you can get such great close-up views without disturbing them.”

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The new status makes it the 23rd area of the island to be named an ASSI. It means that any future development or land management project will have to gain consent from the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA)

The Isle of Man offers habitats to many animal and plant species. From its shores you can spot whales, dolphins and sharks. On land you might be lucky enough to see a rare, white mountain hare or even a polecat.

To support the Isle of Man’s wildlife, donate to the Manx Wildlife Trust.

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