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Eco box inspires kids to love the environment

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A social venture described as ‘Eco Fun For Little People’ has created an eco subscription box for children for Earth Day.

It’s Our Planet Too was created in 2020 by mum of two, Kate Cohen, to inspire children to love and care for the environment.

Launching on Earth Day (April 22) 'A Tool Kit For Eco Heroes' will contain activities, news and information aimed at children to teach them about our individual impact on the environment.

“We don’t want to be reliant on busy parents passing on our messages," says founder, Kate. "How can we reach children directly with a tangible solution that both educates and inspires them?" 

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 “A recent report suggested that as many as 70% of teachers don’t feel equipped to talk to their class about climate change and I am sure there are many parents in the same position," says Kate. "Each of our monthly tool kits will include an easy crib sheet to empower parents to start conversations with their children about specific environmental concerns.”

The launch tool kit is named ‘Our World is Changing’ and contains four hours of activities, a recipe, poster and rewards chart.

Kate hopes that the kits will help educate young children about the environment and climate change, in a way that is accessible and not overwhelming.

“Hearing about the state of our environment can be truly overwhelming," she says. "It can be difficult to know how we as individuals can make a difference.

“I truly believe that if everyone was aware of the impact their actions were having, they would take positive steps to change it, BUT, this has to start with gently educating our children (and their families), so that considering our environmental impact becomes a way of life, and therefore dictates the choices we make.”

100% plastic-free

The tool kits themselves are 100% plastic-free and sustainable – and many of the tasks encourage children to utilise what they will already find at home.

Prices for the tool kits will start at £9.50 each, and subscriptions are available for families wanting to regularly provide their children with environmental knowledge and activities.

It’s Our Planet Too is funded in part by its charity partner and 50% of the profits made from the tool kits will return to the charity.

Kate believes there has never been a more crucial time to teach children about climate action and inspire future eco-heroes.

Inspired to act?

BUY: You can buy the eco subscription boxes on the It’s Our Planet Too website.

DONATE: Every time you buy an item from them, you are also donating to The SockStar Project, a charitable venture that supports wildlife rangers working on the front line, all over the world. 


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