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24-year-old creates cooling sweets for elderly

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In heat like we’re seeing in the UK, it’s important to stay hydrated – and one man has made that even easier, for those who might forget.

Jelly Drops, invented by Lewis Hornby, are water-filled sweets designed to help Alzheimer’s patients stay hydrated. Lewis, who was a 24-year-old student when he invented this incredible product, originally came up with the idea to help his own grandmother stay hydrated.

“I could never have imagined what started with her, would one day be empowering people around the world,” said Lewis.

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Lewis’ Grandma Pat was rushed to hospital with severe dehydration, causing the then 24-year-old to spend a month in her care facility, attempting to find a solution. This resulted in the invention of the first ever Jelly Drops in 2018.

First implemented in care facilities in the UK in 2020, as of April 2022 they will be adopted in the US, too. Consisting of 95% water, the sweets were designed when Lewis realised that his grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, would often forget to drink.

“Jelly Drops was one of the first innovations to be accepted into our Accelerator Programme, and we’ve been thrilled to support its journey to a widely-available product which is making a real difference to people with dementia,” said Colin Capper, Head of Research Development at the Alzheimer's Society. “Original products and designs like Jelly Drops are key to helping overcome the everyday challenges faced by people with dementia, challenges that have been further amplified by the pandemic.”

Jelly Drops, which contain no sugar but have added electrolytes and are completely vegan, are eyecatching, teardrop-shaped jelly sweets. They encourage hydration in those who either may not realise they are thirsty, or forget to drink, keeping them healthy while giving them some semblance of independence.

Now, at 27, Lewis is dedicating his life to working for social good. In 2017, just before his grandmother was hospitalised with dehydration, he co-founded the clean-air solution company, Pluvo.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society to help fund their work.

VOLUNTEER: Sign up for the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk, and fundraise to support those with Alzheimer’s and their families.


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