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'Zero waste' jewellery box is the way forward

Words by Smiley Team

A jewellery brand is launching a ‘Zero Waste’ surprise box to help use leftover materials – and ensure nothing ends up in landfill. 

KelZo Jewellery is an independent jewellery shop run by married couple Kelly and Zoe, which sells homemade jewellery crafted from polymer clay. When crafting with this clay, there can often be pieces leftover, and it's these scraps that they turned into a surprise box.

“We never throw away our scrap clay, but often find it hard to find a use for some of it, if it's not a colour we are planning to use,” say the couple. “So it made total sense to start a monthly box with pieces made from the leftover clay.”

The box costs £20 and contains five sets or pieces of jewellery, that are chosen randomly, meaning each piece only costs £4. 

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“We had lots of scrap clay and although we release a yearly zero waste collection, we really wanted to do more,” Kelly and Zoe tell Smiley News. “A customer suggested a monthly box and we went from there!”

There are three iterations of the monthly Zero Waste box; the Zero Waste ‘Prints’, featuring print designs, the Zero Waste ‘Rainbow’ featuring rainbow and pride-themed designs, and the Zero Waste ‘Vintage’ which has yet to be available for order.

“We want to prevent as much waste as possible, so this seemed like a logical thing to do,” they add. “We know polymer clay isn't super eco-friendly, so we wanted to work on other areas to help in some way. Making sure we have no waste is our aim way of contributing to sustainability.”

Kelly and Zoe, who are both LGBTQ+, also make sure to give back to the LGBTQ+ community all year round, by donating 10% of profits from their Pride and LGBTQ+ themed collections. 

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to WWF, which is supporting climate action in the name of sustainability.

SUPPORT: Get involved with MindOut, which is a LGBTQ+ mental health charity.

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