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Kew's free tickets to people in need

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Kew is offering £1 tickets to guests on Universal or Pension Credit.

For many, the Covid-19 lockdowns made us realise just how valuable green spaces are in our communities. In recent years, more proof has emerged that access to nature positively benefits our mental health. 

But the truth is, it isn’t always easy to access nature in our local communities – especially for those who live in flats, or accommodation without a garden. For those in inner cities, green spaces can be few and far between.

By offering the £1 tickets to guests on particular benefits, Kew have seen a huge increase in the number of visitors to their sites. This Universal Credit ticket has resulted in eight times more visitors to Kew, in comparison to the previous discount ticket which was introduced in 2021. This is proof that more people are eager to visit green spaces, but are often held back by how much a day out in nature costs.

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Not to mention, with wages not matching inflation rates, more are having to resort to Universal Credit to make ends meet. Over ten times the usual level of Universal Credit claims were made during the first two weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and, while rates have lowered since then, it's no secret that many people are struggling financially.

A space to escape

“We’re delighted to offer more people a space to escape, meet friends and family, and learn about the incredible world of plants and fungi upon which our lives depend," said Sandra Botterell, the Director of Marketing and Commercial Enterprise at Kew.

According to the mental health charity Mind, those struggling with anxiety and depression can benefit from walking in nature. By offering their botanical gardens at affordable rates for those who are struggling financially, Kew is offering affordable days out in nature to those who need it the most. 

In addition to the availability of £1 tickets to those on Universal Credit and Pension, Kew has also introduced other discounted tickets. For those aged between 16-25, tickets for just £9 per person are available, either in advance or on the door. For families and other groups, £15 adult tickets are also now available.

And it gets better - if you’re planning a day out to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London and are on Universal Credit, you may also be eligible for discounted travel throughout London.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Help others reap the benefits of nature by donating to charities like Dose of Nature.

SUPPORT: Help Kew and the conservation work it does by supporting its associated charities.


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