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5 TikTokers standing up for LGBT+ rights

Words by Smiley Team

For the LGBT+ community, the internet plays an important role in building a supportive network. More than half of young LGBT+ people say they have one or more close friends they communicate with exclusively online, compared to only 19% of non-LGBT+ youths.

As part of this, social media offers a vital tool for building online awareness through speaking out about LGBT+ issues and rights. Here we shine the spotlight on just a few of the incredible individuals using their online presence in this way on the youth-driven platform, TikTok.


The brilliant TikTok content from Shaz provocatively confronts stereotypes about LGBT+ people. With calm confidence and humour, she boots all unfounded ideas right back to the bygone age they come from.


Trans TikToker Yaz steps up for her community, confronting transphobia with confidence and a bold attitude.


Eliza shares her own experiences as a disabled LGBT+ person and encourages others to do the same. Her account is full of joy and vivacity as she gives helpful thoughts and insights.


Brimming with positivity as well as realistic snapshots of LGBT+ life, Xander is another trailblazer from TikTok to follow and learn from.


Broadcaster and all-round LGBT+ hero Riyad employs his online platform for tackling biphobia and other forms of discrimination.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Help promote equality for and the rights of LGBT+ people. Donate to Stonewall.

VOLUNTEER: Support people within the LGBT+ community by volunteering with Stonewall.


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