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Love Island switches away from fast fashion

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Contestants on Love Island will be flaunting pre-loved fashion as the TV series unfolds this June in an effort to encourage viewers to make the switch away from fast fashion, too. 

Dropping fast fashion sponsors, the programme has instead partnered with eBay to dress and style contestants entirely in pre-loved clothes.

Eve Williams, chief marketing officer at eBay UK, hopes the collaboration will help “flip the conversation around fashion”. 

“As one of the original homes of pre-loved, we believe that by joining forces with this incredibly influential programme, we’ll inspire the nation to think differently and make more conscious choices when it comes to their wardrobes,” she said. 

“Whether that is selling a dress that is sitting at the back of their wardrobe or shopping for their favourite islanders' second-hand looks - these small changes can make a big difference to driving circularity,” she added.

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The islanders will get to pick from a shared wardrobe in the new villa, packed with secondhand clothes for each to tailor to their own style.

To help them, the company has hired celebrity stylist and pre-loved enthusiast, Amy Bannerman, to style this year’s Islanders in secondhand clothes.

The new partnership makes a big difference compared to previous years when sponsors have included fast fashion brand I Saw It First. Like its linked company, Boohoo, I Saw It First produces ultra-cheap clothes at a low quality, primarily manufactured from petroleum-derived fabric.

“It's not the fault of the customers, many of whom are young women without huge disposable incomes, but these fast fashion mistakes come at price for the planet,” wrote Green Party MEP Alexandra Phillips.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: To protect the environment from fashion waste and support textile workers, donate clothes to circular fashion charity Traid.

VOLUNTEER: Gain new skills in a charity shop by volunteering for Traid.


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