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12 exciting UK low carbon businesses

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Twelve businesses and initiatives have been highlighted for their low carbon outputs and commitment to climate action.

The companies vary across industries including brewing, farming and conservation, accessories, e-transport, wind power, the film industry, and energy efficient construction. All have all been identified as some of the low carbon trailblazers, boosting UK green jobs and leading the way on the nation’s journey to zero carbon.    

They have been spotlighted by climate solutions charity Ashden, to demonstrate how businesses can meet national climate targets.

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All twelve organisations have been shortlisted for the Ashden Awards, now in its 21st year. “As we move towards a low-carbon future, everyone’s work will be affected by the huge changes and challenges that lie ahead," says Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb.

“Amid these stories of innovation, the importance of green skills couldn’t be clearer. Government, the education sector, communities and businesses all have a part to play in building up the UK’s green skills capacity.

"If we replicate and scale the work of such pioneers right across society, we can tackle the UK’s green skills drought.” 

The 2022 Ashden Award winners will be announced in autumn and winners will receive grants and business support. Since launching in 2001, the annual Ashden Awards have highlighted the work of 245 organisations around the world. 

12 exciting low carbon businesses

Shortlisted in the Ashden Award for Greening All Work: 

  • Elvis and Kresse, Kent - Sustainable luxury accessories – including bags and belts made from recycled fire hoses. 
  • FarmEd, Oxfordshire - Inspiring and educating for a greener farming future. 
  • Toast Ale, Kent - Lower carbon brewing, with beer made from surplus bread. 
  • VECTAR Sets, Greater Manchester - Helping the film and TV industry go green, with flat-pack film sets made from sustainable wood. 

Shortlisted for the Ashden Award for Low Carbon Skills: 

  • B4Box, Greater Manchester - Training disadvantaged people and creating warm, energy-efficient homes. 
  • Black Mountains College, Powys, Wales - Teaching the skills to adults and young people to regenerate our natural environment.  
  • FarmEd Oxfordshire - Inspiring and educating for a greener farming future. 
  • North West Skills Academy, Greater Manchester- Ambitious partnership upgrading thousands of homes for a carbon neutral future. 

Shortlisted for the Ashden Award for Energy Innovation: 

  • Connected Energy, Newcastle Upon Tyne - A new life for electric vehicle batteries. 
  • Electric Assisted Vehicles, Oxfordshire - Agile, affordable low-carbon delivery vehicles. 
  • Monodraught, Buckinghamshire - Energy-efficient ventilation lowers emissions and protects health in schools. 
  • Renewable Parts, Argyll, Scotland - Refurbishing wind turbine parts – cutting waste and boosting the green economy. 

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