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Mahindra Finance are finalists in the Smiley Charity Film Awards

Words by Abi Scaife

The Corporate Cause section in the Smiley Charity Film Awards is a chance for businesses to demonstrate how they’re giving back. It’s a hugely important and impactful category, allowing us to celebrate their partnerships with charities and causes that benefit our world.

Ahead of the Smiley Charity Film Awards ceremony, we caught up with Saurabh Mishra, the Associate Creative Director at Mahindra Finance, one of our Corporate Cause finalists.

Mahindra Finance’s CSR policy helps people in India to improve their lives through financial solutions. Their film details the life of Devendra Dhakad, who was helped by a tractor loan from Mahindra Finance.

Why did you choose to get involved with this cause?

To symbolize commitment to literacy, innovation, and the pursuit of wisdom as key drivers of progress and development.

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Why is it so important for businesses to get involved in charity work and giving back?

Engaging in charity work and giving back is crucial for businesses as it not only enhances their corporate social responsibility, fostering a positive public image, but also strengthens community ties, builds customer loyalty, and creates a sense of purpose among employees, contributing to long-term sustainable success. Additionally, supporting charitable initiatives aligns businesses with societal values, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact beyond profit-driven goals.

How can businesses best support the causes they are involved with?

Businesses can best support the causes they are involved with by aligning their corporate values with the social or environmental issues they aim to address, and then taking tangible actions such as implementing sustainable practices, supporting relevant charities, and fostering community engagement. It's crucial for businesses to go beyond mere financial contributions and actively integrate social responsibility into their core operations to make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Charity check-in 

At Smiley Movement, we like to elevate the work of charities across the world. Here are three charities whose causes align with the themes in this article. 

Goods for Good. This is an organisation which offers global humanitarian aid by transporting donations such as industry overstock from generous partners to help communities in need. Learn more here.

FareShare. The UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, they save good food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities. Find out more.

Disability Rights UK. Disability Rights UK is the UK’s leading organisation led by, run by, and working for disabled people. Find out more.

This article aligns with the UN SDGs Decent Work and Economic Growth and Partnerships for the Goals.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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