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Teen granted wish of activity family holiday

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A 14-year-old who has spent her childhood in and out of hospital due to having severe cystic fibrosis had a "wish granted" by a charity looking to put a smile back on her face.

Daisy, from Perth, has recently started using a new drug to treat her condition, which meant she was able to go on the holiday she'd always wished for. "Hospital has just been part of our life from the very beginning," said her dad, John. "Daisy has been in and out of hospital for most of her childhood. She missed out on so much with her friends.

"She’s a completely different lassie since starting [the new drug]. It’s a huge breakthrough. She’s growing and getting better every day. It’s amazing."

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Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder which predominantly affects the lungs, causing them to deteriorate over time. In 2019, the average life expectancy for someone with cystic fibrosis was just 46.  

Daisy was referred to the charity Make-A-Wish UK in 2019. At the time, her wish to enjoy a family holiday was intended to create memories for the whole family to cherish, no matter what the future held. 

She chose a family holiday in Centre Parcs, Penrith, which they went to early April 2022. The family were able to stay in a three-bedroom lodge with a sauna. They hired bikes during their stay, and all food and travel expenses were provided. The whole experience was provided by Make-A-Wish UK thanks to donations. 

'My wish has been really, really good'

"My wish was to go to Center Parcs because I've always wanted to try the activities there," said Daisy. "It's been really good and the best is probably actually the aerial assault course because that was fun and there was a huge zipline at the end. 

"I think, because of having cystic fibrosis and being in hospital, it makes me want to go outside more because I've been cooped up for a while. My wish has been really, really good. And I'm really happy that I chose this as my wish because it was really fun seeing everyone so happy."

Daisy's mum, Sarah, added: "It's so important for people to support Make-A-Wish UK. Daisy’s been through the mill, and having this little glimmer of hope has been really good. She deserves it. She’s been through so much." 

Jason Suckley, Chief Executive of Make-A-Wish UK, said: "We’re so pleased that we’ve been able to make Daisy’s wish come true. Unfortunately, 503 children just like her are still waiting for their wish across the UK. Some have been waiting for years, and some may not have long left."

Inspired to act?

DONATE: By donating, you can help grant life-changing wishes for children like Daisy across the country. Make-A-Wish UK hopes raise funds urgently needed to grant wishes across the UK.

VOLUNTEER: Make-A-Wish UK also has volunteering opportunities. Find out more.  

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