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Man with autism starts business – to help others like himself

Words by Tess Becker

Just because someone lives with a disability, doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as capable as anyone else – something that Marcus Moore took to heart. 

Marcus lives with autism and wasn’t happy he had to rely on his parents to be able to survive so he decided to start a business that lets him care for himself. That business, Moore Crunch, stemmed from his passion for pretzels.

“One day I was gobbling up some pretzels and wanted to make them taste better,” Marcus says on his website. “My parents were like, ‘what do you think about starting a pretzel business?’ I made some pretzels and they were just ok. I switched up some things and came up with my own process and recipes. My mom got me a booth at a local farmers market and Moore Crunch was born.”

Before starting Moore Crunch, Marcus worked at grocery stores for years but since he didn’t see much upward mobility, he wanted to do more.

Since the founding of his business this past October, Marcus has sold over 600 bags of pretzels with multiple stores holding his product on their shelves.

With his success, Marcus is looking to grow, like finding a commercial kitchen and hiring other people with autism or disabilities to help him.

“Just help expand and show them how to do this give them that chance and opportunity,” he said.

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