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Massive pride of Lions airlifted from Ukraine

Words by Tess Becker

A pride of lions have been airlifted from Ukraine to Colorado in what has been called the "biggest-ever war zone rescue of lions".


Yes, lions. They've been airlifted to the US from the Bio Park Zoo in Odessa, located in southern Ukraine has been greatly affected by the war. 

For fear of their safety, seven adult lions, and two cubs were transferred to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. They weren’t taken straight to Colorado though, first making a stop at the Targu Mures Zoo in Romania. 

And why is it so significant?

This is the largest warzone rescue of lions ever. It may not seem like a lot but with everything else bad happening in the war a little good news can go a long way. 

What did the Colorado sanctuary have to say?

Pat Craig, the Executive Director of the Wild Animal Sanctuary made a point to note just how difficult international animal rescues can be.

“International rescue operations are almost always more complex in nature, but then you are factoring in a variety of foreign governments and timelines for permitting, some of those with active warzones,” he said. 

But he also made a note that just saving the lions was worth the work.

“We are thankful we could get all the lions out in time and save them. That's what matters. They will live out the rest of their lives in pristine, large, natural habitats.”

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