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Meet the teens standing up to gender inequality through rap

Words by Abi Scaife

A pair of teens are standing up for women’s rights through a song of their own invention, thanks to the charity Plan International UK.

The 18-year-olds from Newport are doing their best to make a difference in their community, through their new song ‘Please Stand Up’.

Inspired by the women and girls in their lives who they want to take care of, Isaac and Evan, also known as ‘Truth’ and ‘Vision’, have written and recorded a song encouraging people to stand up for their rights. 

The song even has a music video that encourages people to challenge gender inequality, to help make our communities better and safer places to live.

Isaac AKA Truth

All of this was only made possible thanks to UK-wide charity Plan International UK, which provided grants to help empower people like Isaac and Evan into creating change in their communities.

Isaac and Evan said that they hoped their song “will highlight the need to encourage our families and friends to uplift girls and women”.

Anne-Marie Lawrence, Wales Development Manager for Plan International UK, said, “Girls are standing up and taking control. They’ve had enough and they’re going to take action to make sure that their rights are realised, and we can help them to do that. 

“We want Plan International UK to be the go-to organization for girls’ rights in Wales, and we want to make Wales a safer and more equal Wales.”

The money given to Plan International UK - a whopping £1.3 million - went towards Plan International UK’s Champions of Wales programme Young Changemaker grants.

This Champions of Wales programme allows young people to run a project of their choice to help fight gender inequality in Wales.

Evan AKA Vision

The programme works alongside four local communities so that girls everywhere are afforded equal rights and opportunities. Each different area of Wales is working with youth workers to help access young people from all walks of life, so that everyone is protected, and everyone can reap the benefits of this charity’s generosity.

Isaac and Evan were able to come together and create their music thanks to the money given through the Plan International UK Young Changemaker grant. Like Plan International UK, Isaac and Evan feel strongly that women and girls should live free and unrestricted lives, safe from violence.

The money for the grant was generously donated by The Moondance Foundation. Founded by Diane Briere de l’Isle Engelhardt and Henry Engelhardt – the founder of Admiral Group plc - the foundation is now celebrating donating £100 million to similar charities since it was established in 2010. This is such a huge achievement that has helped thousands of people - including those that are supported by Plan International UK.

Isaac and Evan AKA Truth and Vision

The Moondance Foundation’s mission is to prevent or relieve poverty, support the welfare and well-being of women, children, the elderly and the vulnerable, improve health outcomes, raise educational standards, and preserve our environment for the future. It’s a lofty goal, but they achieve it by partnering with charities like Plan International UK, in the hopes of bringing light to people across Wales.

“We are delighted to support Plan International UK in their efforts to make Wales a more equal place,” said Diane. “Giving girls and young women the means to be able to make a difference in their communities is a powerful tool in helping bring that change. We look forward to seeing the inspiring and creative actions that young people on the Champions of Wales programme will take.”

If you want to hear Evan and Isaac’s song, you can do so by following this link. Additionally, if you can support young people like Isaac and Evan by donating on the Plan International UK website

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