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Charity's free support to Ukrainian refugees

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A mental health charity is preparing to offer free services to incoming Ukrainian refugees moving to the UK, as well as their host families.Mental Health Concern in Newcastle upon Tyne has called on other charities to work together collaboratively and quickly to support the expected influx of migrants fleeing the conflict.The charity will provide any vacant properties to incoming refugees and will also put systems in place to offer post-traumatic psychological support to those who need it.They are also preparing their Employment Advisor services to support refugees to seek out fulfilling employment.“We have dedicated housing that can be used by refugees, as well as mental health specialists who can provide support to anyone dealing with trauma," says Adam Crampsie, Chief Executive of Mental Health Concern.“We also recognise that opening your home to a refugee, especially at a time when the cost of living is increasing so rapidly, can have an impact on mental health, so we want to make sure anyone who has done so has access to the right support too.”[Sign up here to receive our weekly positive newsletter]Mental Health Concern has also urged the government, local authorities, and other organisations to work together to create community networks. The charity hopes that a coordinated response will ensure support and accommodation can be accessed quickly and easily by those who need it most.“We have seen a lot of broad promises by the government of fiscal support to local authorities and hosts of these refugees, but money needs to be spent wisely," Adam says.“We are keen to work with relevant organisations so we can pool our resources and make sure that systems are set up as quickly as possible for anyone who needs mental health support during this incredibly hard time.”Mental Health Concern provides support in the local community to improve the wellbeing of people who are struggling with issues in their day-to-day life. Its sister organisation, Insight IAPT, provides NHS-funded talking therapies across England.There will be dedicated pages in Ukrainian on the websites of both charities for refugees and their families who are looking for help.“We have all been affected by the devastating pictures coming from Ukraine over the past two weeks, and we are fortunate to be in a position to help those that need it”, Adam says.“I am working closely with my own team, and other mental health service providers across the UK, to get measures in place so we can provide relevant and important support to anyone affected by the war.”

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SUPPORT: Spread the word about how the public can effectively help the war victims. Share the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.READ: For more ways to support people hit by the conflict, read this Smiley News article on ways to help Ukraine and charities you can donate to.

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