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NeighbourGood Café accepts kind deeds only

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There's a new café opening up in London – and you won't need any cash to get a cuppa. It's about good deeds only.

The NeighbourGood Café, created by Ring doorbell, is a space to bring communities together and encourage kindness.

Rather than paying for food and drink, visitors can commit to doing a good deed for their community while meeting other neighbours, they say. The café, based in Hackney, will encourage people to try locally-sourced goods and learn more about the amazing people living in the area. 

And it's only open for a limited time – from 12.30pm on Thursday 30 June to 2 July. 

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The limited-edition café arrives after research conducted by Ring of 2,000 adults revealed one fifth of Brits see their local café as one of the most important areas of their community. 

Introducing: the Pledge Board

Visitors to the cafe are encouraged to write down and pin their good deed to a dedicated ‘pledge board’ across the following categories:

:: Good SKILLS: e.g helping fix a fence or replant a community garden

:: Good MINUTES: e.g offering to dog sit for a neighbour

:: Good ENERGY: e.g. introducing yourself to a new neighbour

:: Good BUSINESS: e.g. pledging to support a local business or charity

In addition to the pledges, the café will shine a spotlight on those who have contributed positively to the local community throughout the pandemic and last few years.

Some local heroes in the area include: Mark Maciver from SliderCuts Barbers, who runs a young people’s work scheme offering free guidance and mentorship for 13-16 year olds, and Michelle Dornelly, CEO of local charity Children with Voices, who distributed over 1,000 free meals throughout the pandemic to vulnerable residents.

Dave Ward, Managing Director for UK & Europe at Ring, said: “NeighbourGood Café is about more than just grabbing a quick coffee - it’s about bringing communities together.

"We saw incredible community spirit during the challenges of lockdown, like neighbours helping each other with their shopping, sharing essentials or even baking cakes for one another. I’ve personally experienced how empowering it can feel to build strong relationships with those living around you, and we hope NeighbourGood Café can go some way towards celebrating this community spirit.”

Inspired to act?

VISIT THE CAFE: Ring’s NeighbourGood Café can be found at 12 Sidworth Street, E8 3SD. Doors open from Thursday 30th June at 12.30pm, and will be open from 8:00am-4pm daily until Saturday 2nd July. No booking is required and dogs are welcome! 

GET INVOLVED: Want to do good in your community and stay active? Try out GoodGym

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