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New 'smart tampon' to help detect cervical cancer sooner

Words by Tess Becker

John Hopkins University has made a huge technological advancement that can help protect people from cervical cancer.

The advancement, called a “smart tampon,” aims to replace pap smears, while being used to detect cancer. The smart tampon would instead detect the disease using artificial intelligence.

The idea came from Madeleine Howard and Hayley Hoaglund during an artificial intelligence course lab. The device looks and feels like a tampon, but at its top, there's a highly sensitive camera that takes images of the cervix to screen for cancer. 

“It would compare your cervix cells with abnormal cervix cells and be able to assess if you have any irregularities and prompt you to visit a doctor if needed,” said Hoaglund.

Since cervical cancer is preventable if caught early enough this sort of development is massive.

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