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The huge rescue centre ending dog homelessness

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Not every animal has a loving home – and even if they do, their families can’t always take care of them. Some end up on the street, others in the pound, and many end up at animal shelters of all shapes, sizes.

Some animal shelters in the US neglect those in their care, though. But Big Dog Ranch Rescue aims to go above and beyond.

The Big Dog Ranch Rescue, based in Florida, was already the largest cage-free, no-kill rescue in the US – and it's now opening another 100-acre location in Alabama.

The ranch will be located at the former home of a greyhound training facility and will serve as a rescue, rehabilitation, medical, and adoption center for dogs across the south. 

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Lauree Simmons, Big Dog Ranch Rescue CEO, said the new facility is desperately needed.

“Record numbers of dogs are being brought to shelters resulting in overcrowding and a record euthanasia rate for these former family pets. Higher costs for everything from fuel to food are prompting owners to surrender their dogs,” Simmons said.

According to their website, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has saved over 50,000 dogs to date, and hope to save upwards of 5,000 dogs a year, something that the Alabama location will help them accomplish.

“We believe we can, and we will see an end to dog homelessness and abuse through legislative efforts, hard work and strategic partnerships near and far,” they write on their site. “We will never give up and we will never back down from the needs of all heartbeats because every life matters.”

The new location will provide a hub for much of the southern United States and a transitional hub for the northeast, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. 

The first buildings are expected to open in September.

Inspired to Act?

DONATE: The Big Dog Ranch Rescue accepts donations if you want to help support what they’re doing. 

SUPPORT: Animal shelters are always looking for support whether that be in the form of volunteering, monetary donations, or donations in the form of food or toys. Look into how you can best support your local animal shelters. 

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