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OnlyFans star starts affordable housing scheme

Words by Abi Scaife

An OnlyFans star who earns £100k per month has said she is going to start an ‘affordable housing scheme’ for low-income families.

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Rebecca Goodwin, who is popular on the content subscription site OnlyFans, has decided she will be using some of the money she earns to rent out affordable housing to low-income families.

The mum of two joined OnlyFans in 2019, as she was forced to rely on food vouchers to feed her kids. She was heavily in debt and struggling to support her family.

Fast forward to today, and Rebecca is raking in around £100,000 each month from her content - and she’s decided to use it for good.

What will the ‘affordable housing scheme’ look like?

Rebecca says her plans so far are to purchase eight houses outright and rent them out at a low rate.

The plan isn’t to turn a profit, she says, as she has no mortgage and has plenty of money to spare.

Instead, the scheme is designed to set up an inheritance for her own children, at the same time as helping families who are in the same position she once was.

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