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1000 people on a mission to save the planet

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Imagine seeing the environment that you’ve grown to love, change before your eyes. The green rolling hills of lush grass now becoming the latest construction project; the clear blue sky now murky with pollution. You may begin to experience health problems due to the changes in an area that used to thrive with fresh water and majestic animals.

Imagine no longer wanting to handle the challenges around you – would you petition to do something about it?

That's exactly what 1000 people did when they wanted to see changes made in their home state of Oregon. 

Across the state, Oregonians have been working to improve their quality of life since 1974 by building livable cities and towns, protecting family farms and forests, conserving natural areas. They grew tired of what was happening to their state and started a program to allow them to protest pollution, overbuilding, and deforestation. 

Called '1000 Friends of Oregon', the advocates work in towns large and small throughout Oregon to develop and safeguard the elements of life, community, and nature that make Oregon such a beautiful place to live. 

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What do the 1000 Friends want to achieve?

They advocate for "cool communities", where every resident has a variety of housing, transportation, and employment options; for the success of Oregon's farmers and foresters, as well as the preservation of the landscapes in which they work; and for the development of emerging land use leaders for Oregon's future.

"Our mission is working with Oregonians to enhance our quality of life by building livable urban and rural communities, protecting family farms and forests, and conserving natural areas," they state on their website. 

They believe wise land use is at the heart of almost everything that makes Oregon great. It's the layout of their neighborhood, how they travel around, and the overall quality of the surroundings.

Recent victories

In a recent victory, the supreme court favored the state of Oregon to protect 55 acres of farmland from an airway expansion.

At the time, Ben Williams, president of Friends of French Prairie — an affiliate group of 1000 Friends of Oregon – said: "The Supreme Court's decision not to hear the Court of Appeals' judgment for review is a tremendous victory for Oregon land use.

"Most people don’t know that some of the areas’ largest fresh vegetable farms are proximate to this airport and the contemplated expansion would be onto 55 acres of exclusive farm use land. The central part of the Court of Appeals ruling is that we have a land use system, and even state agencies have to comply with land use laws.”

Our planet is our home and if we want it to last, we must do our part to lower our carbon footprint and make the necessary changes to save our farmland. This win for Oregon is not only a victory for their state, but it’s a step in the right direction to make our world safe for our future generations. 

You too can get involved by spreading the word and getting involved. Join 1000 Friends of Oregon in their fight for environmental conservation. 

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