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UK organisations raise £1 million for Pakistan

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Together with a number of UK charities, Pakistani diaspora groups have raised an incredible £1 million for flood relief.

Flood water has devastated the south Asian country of Pakistan, leaving more than 1,000 people dead. This is a result of destructive monsoon rains, which have injured, displaced or otherwise affected 30 million in the country.

The UN launched an appeal for £138billion in aid to help those affected by an “unprecedented climate catastrophe”. 

Pakistan has appealed to countries and organisations for aid, and the response in the UK has been overwhelmingly positive. So far, £1 million has been raised to help purchase supplies such as food, drinking water, and medical care.

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British Muslims, of whom Pakistanis make up 48%, have been shown to be the most giving of any group, faith-based or otherwise in the UK time and time again. Charities run by British Muslims are among those now working to provide aid for Pakistan.

Muslim Hands recently revealed they had raised at least £200,000 for flood relief in Pakistan, meant to fund necessities like food, fresh water and medical aid. Based in Peterborough, the Muslim charity Children of Adam raised £22,000 in just three hours, to help provide tents and more for those suffering as a result of the floods in Pakistan.

The UK’s DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) launched a bid to “save and protect lives” in Pakistan, with 15 charities under the DEC coming together to raise money for aid.

“Our priority right now is to help save and protect lives as waters continue to rise,” said Saleh Saeed, the Chief Executive of the DEC. “The scale of these floods has caused a shocking level of destruction - crops have been swept away and livestock killed across huge swathes of the country, which means hunger will follow.”

“We’re urging everyone to give whatever they can at what we appreciate is a difficult time for us all.”

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to the Children of Adam to help raise funds for flood relief in Pakistan.

SUPPORT: Donate to Muslim Hands to provide those in Pakistan with much-needed aid.


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