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Plant a tree with every cuppa with this business

Words by Abi Scaife

We're back with your weekly roundup of businesses that are doing their best to be the best - for people, and for the planet.

This week there's a theme - can you tell? Whatever your morning pick-me-up is, you can be sure to indulge with an extra spoonful of moral superiority after looking at this list.


Waitrose has just announced that they will be selling own-brand, home-compostable tea bags.

The ‘Duchy’ teabag range is now accredited with a TUV OK compost HOME certification - this basically means that the teabags can be placed directly into an at-home compost heap or bin. 

Even better, the tags on the teabags have been changed to limit the ink involved in the design - this makes it much easier for the teabags to break down and compost.

According to Waitrose, this could stop 4.5 million tea bags from going to waste in just the first year following the change. Amazing.


Bird and Blend has partnered with the World Preservation Foundation to turn every cuppa into another tree planted.

Every time you buy a drink in a Bird and Blend store and use a takeaway cup, you not only get 50p off your purchase but a tree will be planted with the WPF.

Plus, Bird and Blend uses exclusively plant-based cups for their drinks. So, for any drink you buy, in any cup, in any store, 12p will be donated to WPF - and that 12p will plant a tree. Even more of a reason to try out some fun new tea flavours (and there are so many to choose from!).


Grind is a UK-based coffee company with plenty of cafes, trucks and shops all across London. What makes them really special is their approach to sustainability and the way they are changing what it means to make your morning coffee.

Grind makes Nespresso coffee pods that you can use in a coffee machine, except they are complete, 100% sustainable and compostable. They don’t use plastic or aluminium, which most coffee pods do, and will break down faster than grass in your home compost.

Plus, if for some reason one of their pods were to make it to a landfill or into the ocean - they would still naturally breakdown in this environment. We love it.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Climate Action.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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