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Village comes together to support a gay couple

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A village in the UK has shown their support for a gay couple after one resident left them a homophobic letter.

Daniel Cooper and Nathan Jones bought the local Post Office in the village of New Longton where they live together. During Pride Month, they hung a pride flag over the garage next to the shop and received an incredibly homophobic letter from one resident in response.

Fortunately, other residents of the village had a very different opinion and stood around Daniel and Nathan in support. 

To show how much they cared about the couple, the village residents organised a pride flag rally outside the Post Office, where residents young and old gathered together to show their support.

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“I’m not a political person, I’m not a religious person but I am a person who cares, I am a proud gay man, that will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone regardless of sexuality, gender, race or religion to show that love wins, love will always win," Chris Wilson, a New Longton local who organised the pride flag rally, told PinkNews.

The villagers even headed out in the rain to show their support for Daniel and Nathan, and the Mayor also turned up to show off his pride.

Daniel and Nathan sent a message in to the area’s Facebook page to show their gratitude.

"Just want to say a massive thank you and the support was overwhelming tonight and also the much loved support of Sarah & Chris for organising this event to raise awareness and also that the letters we received," they wrote.

"Although this is not acceptable, it is just a small fraction that in today's world we should all respect each other! It's not about us, but thank you so much for all your support! If there's anything we can do to help the community just pop and and see us! Nathan & Dan."

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to the Kaleidoscope Trust to help support LGTBQ+ people not just in the UK but all across the Commonwealth.

VOLUNTEER: Train with MindOut, an LGBTQ+ mental health charity to help support LGBTQ+ people who need support.

SUPPORT: Donate to Stonewall UK, to help support LGBTQ+ people all across the country.

GET INVOLVED: Fundraise with GALOP, to help support LGBTQ+ people who have, or are still, suffering from abuse.


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