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Providing opportunities to developing countries

Words by Tess Becker

Something that not many people think about with developing countries – and the people in it – is financial opportunities.

If, for example, someone wants to buy a house, the bank may deny loans thus limiting the opportunity for people to grow and improve their financial security. 

Kola Global wanted to fill in that gap. They help turn investors’ money into opportunities for people in developing countries, practicing what they call ‘business-centric philanthropy'.

"In the entire continent of Africa, all 54 countries, home financing is simply not available at any measurable level,” Ameet Dhillon, a co-founder of Kola Global, tells Smiley News.

Without a home financing option, he explains, buying a home can be near impossible, especially in developing countries where resources can come and go. Kola Global helps provide secure options for people wanting to buy a home. 

“We're essentially trying to jumpstart or create that environment within at least certain countries, and our ambition is to go across the entire continent so that you can actually have that kind of economic growth,” Ameet says.

“Because if you have housing activity, well, what do you get with that from a social and economic perspective?”

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