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PurpleDayss: Shining a Light on Epilepsy Awareness

Words by Harrison Read

Hattie has a condition called Epilepsy, she has been managing her symptoms most of her life. 

During the lockdown, she utilised her time to create impactful videos shedding light on epilepsy, some of which gained widespread attention. Inspired by her advocacy, she established an online initiative named 'Purpledayss' with the primary goal of raising awareness about epilepsy. 

Hattie, having faced personal challenges such as injuries sustained during seizures and undergoing invasive dental procedures, is raising awareness of The Epilepsy Society’s #FixIt4Free campaign. 

This campaign urges the government to offer complimentary dental repairs for individuals who experience tooth damage due to seizures. A concerning statistic reveals that over 50% of individuals with tonic-clonic seizures forego dental treatment due to financial constraints. 

Learn more about the #FixIt4Free campaign.

Filmed and edited by Nathalie Baker

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