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From rescue dog to service dog

Words by Abi Scaife

Six clever pups have graduated from rescue pooch to lifesaving assistance dog!

So cute!! Tell me more!

The six good boys and girls were rescued by Dogs Trust UK, who have developed a partnership with Service Dogs UK. After living at Dogs Trust centres in Salisbury and Newbury, the six super-pups then lived temporarily with experienced foster fur-parents, before going into training.

So what exactly does a service dog do?

These service pups have gone through a whole year of training with Service Dogs UK. They trained with their soon-to-be owners, to help create a bond between them, and teach them all they need to know.

These six service pooches were all matched with veterans suffering from PTSD, so they can assist them in daily life. From fetching medication, helping with nightmares and panic attacks, and providing a lifeline in stressful situations, these dogs will change the lives of their owners for the better.

That’s amazing!

And the quotes from their new owners are really something beautiful. You keep reading, and we’ll provide the tissues!

Speaking about Barkley, his Labrador cross, Lee said: “He’s changed my life because I don’t feel I can die now, I’ve got to be here to look after him.  The work of Service Dogs UK is incredible, without the charity I don’t know where I would be.  They have given me my life back.” 

Speaking about Rio, Lee said: “I’m much more confident going out and about now like going to the shops or a cafe with less panic attacks.  Rio and I are a team, neither of us is going to give up on the other.  He’s got my back, I’ve got his, and Service Dogs UK are there for both of us.”  

Martin, from Sussex, is an Army Veteran who served with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment. He has been partnered with cocker spaniel Ollie who was handed into the care of Dogs Trust Salisbury by a member of the public.  Martin said: “My assistance dog Ollie has helped transform my life, no doubt about it.” 

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