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Revealed: The most generous regions in UK

Words by Abi Scaife

The UK's most generous regions have been revealed, highlighting the people in areas most likely to support charities through monetary donations.

Tell me more.

The survey was commissioned by Raffolux, and found that those in Worcester (86%) are the most likely to donate to good causes. 

It also found that well over half (58%) of Brits are more likely to play an online raffle if it contributes to charity, which is an awesome statistic.

Amazing! What region came next?

Coming in closely behind, is Manchester (83%) then Bath (80%), Derby (80%) and Perth (80%).

Here's the top 10:

1. Worcester (86%)

2. Manchester (83%)

3. Bath (80%)

4. Derby (80%)

5. Perth (80%)

6. Southend-on-Sea (78%)

7. Ripon (75%)

8. Wakefield (75%)

9. Wrexham (75%)

10. Liverpool (74%).

To see how well your own region ranked, take a look at the Raffolux website.

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