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Revealed: The UK's 10 most eco-conscious regions

Words by Amy Packham

Ahead of Earth Day 2023, a survey has revealed the UK's most eco-conscious region.

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The UK’s leading digital raffle operator Raffolux shares that Carlisle is the UK’s most eco-conscious region. They found this by assessing which regions were most likely keen to get an electric car.

With data predicting that more than a quarter of all new UK car registrations in 2023 will be for electric vehicles, Raffolux found that demand for electric cars is high across all regions of the UK.

Their survey showed Leeds, Hull and Gloucester are amongst the UK’s top 10 most eco-conscious regions with residents there most keen to acquire an electric car.

So what was the top 10?

The top 10 most eco-conscious regions of the UK that are the most likely to want to win an electric car above all other prizes are:

RankThe UK’s top 10 most eco-conscious regions 
7Bangor, Northern Ireland

Gerry Lianos, Co-founder and CEO of Raffolux commented: “We are delighted that so many of our players have the planet in mind and we want to continue to play our part in creating a more environmentally conscious world.

"This year we look forward to creating thousands of more winners and we will be working closely with our partners so that we can carry on offering some of the most exciting sustainable prizes available.” 

Charity check-in

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