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Rewilding was a huge success in 2022

Words by Abi Scaife

Rewilding Britain has unveiled its biggest nature success stories of 2022 - and there are some great ones.

Tell me more.

We’ve written about this one before - it’s the bison! Reintroduced to the UK after becoming extinct in the country thousands of years ago, these beautiful beasts will be working wonders for our environment.

Plus, since we covered the original story they have had two new additions - a bull, and a surprise calf.

That’s so cute.

Plus, Rewilding Britain has had huge success with their fundraisers - helping to fund 24 rewilding projects, from seagrass to beavers and more.

So rewilding is becoming more popular, then?

That’s right - a new study shows that four in five Brits now support rewilding as a way to combat climate change and help heal our environment. That’s 81% of Brits.

You can see more of Rewilding Britain’s success stories of 2022 on their website.

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