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Road art like this is saving lives

Words by Abi Scaife

Asphalt art is growing in popularity around the world – and potentially even saving lives.

Hang on, what?

That’s right - asphalt art is art … in asphalt! 

A new study by Bloomberg Philanthropies shows that incorporating art into road designs led to a 50% drop in traffic crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists across 17 US cities.

Images courtesy of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

That’s amazing.

Right? Thanks to the success in the US, Bloomberg Philanthropies will be supporting similar initiatives across Europe and the rest of the US through its Asphalt Art initiative.

These art projects are a great way to increase safety and community engagement at a relatively low cost - and are also a good way to tackle urban challenges.

If you’re interested in following the project, you can do so through Bloomberg Philanthropies, and if you want to help give back, you can donate to charities like Brake to help keep our streets safe.

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