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10-year-old patient runs 5K for a good cause

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In thanks to the hospital workers who cared for him, 10-year-old Harry Corfield ran in a 5K fun run to give back. 

Aged just 16 months, Harry was diagnosed with developmental hip dysplasia. He was cared for at Alder Hey Hospital where he underwent an operation at 21 months to reconstruct his pelvis and create a stronger hip joint. While his hip built up strength, he wore a hip cast for 10 weeks and hip pins for 10 months.

He and his mother, Rachel Corfield, feel enormous gratitude to the hospital staff who helped them through the difficult period.

Harry’s mother, Rachel Corfield, said: “Every single member of the Alder Hey team that we have met along the way has been absolutely amazing – from the surgeon who conducted the operation, the anaesthetist who reassured me, the receptionists who greet us every time we go for an appointment to the staff in the café who have nothing but smiles – Alder Hey is so fabulous.”

After a successful operation in his first year of life, Harry has become an active sportsperson, enjoying football and running. 

So when he saw a leaflet for the Running Bee Foundation’s Alder Hey children’s charity fun run, he lept at the opportunity to enjoy his favourite pastime while giving back to the people who looked after him.

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He had already completed the Couch to 5k while in lockdown and was keen to step onto the start line once again.

The young runner and footballer said he felt nervous before the run, but his nerves quickly turned to excitement. Sprinting as fast as he could to the finish line, he was happy to complete the race in 34 minutes and 4 seconds.

From sharing his fundraiser for the event with family and friends, he raised £702, all of which will help the charity care for over 900 babies, children and young people each day.

After having such a positive experience, Harry aims to complete another 5k in October to raise further funds for Alder Hey.

Inspired to act?

GET INVOLVED: If you have children or young people in your care, help them keep fit while fundraising. Find out about future events from the Running Bee Foundation.

DONATE: Help charity workers encourage more young people to keep fit for a good cause by donating to the Running Bee Foundation.


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