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Scotland to freeze rent and rail fares

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Scottish people are set to have their rents and rail fares frozen, as the country pledges to help with the cost of living. 

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister, announced the measures, saying: "We will take immediate action to protect tenants in the private and social renting sectors."

Rail fares on ScotRail will be frozen until at least March 2023, and it's expected the Scottish child payment will increase to £25 a week for each child from November. 

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These provisions also mean free school meals will be extended to all pupils in primary six and seven.

Discussing the package of measures, Nicola Sturgeon added: "The Scottish government does not have the power to stop your energy bills soaring, but we can and will take action to make sure that your rent does not rise."

Living Rent, a tenants union in Scotland, called it a "huge win" that would "not have been possible without years of organising by members".

Where to find support

Whether you want to support, or are looking for support, there are many UK organisations working hard to provide help to those during this cost of living crisis. Find out more

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